Bagamoyo, a UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites is known for its rich cultural heritage along with its unspoilt, pristine beaches.

Bagamoyo was once a most important trading port along the East African Coast and a German East Africa Capital. Nowadays, Bagamoyo is a quiet village with a few German colonial buildings which depicts the history of the town. Presently, Bagamoyo is a centre of dhow sailboat building in the region and along the Tanzanian Coast.

Many ethnic groups such as the Wakwere, Wazaramo and Wazigua inhabit Bagamoyo. Even though the Swahili culture is widely followed in Bagamoyo still different cultures co-exist peacefully including people of Arab descents.

Tourist attractions include the Kaole ruins dates back to the 12th century. You can also witness the architecture of the town which displays the intricate craving with Arabic influence at houses entrances. You can also see the fading German buildings.

Fortress and Slave Prison, Slavery & Missionary museum are a few other places which you can visit.

The people of Bagamoyo are friendly and hospitable, which make it even more welcoming for the tourists.

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