Kilimanjaro is a tall order, literally. The high altitude means different climatic zones and different conditions. You need to prepare for them. The weather is unpredictable and it varies from being hot, cold, windy, rainy, hail and sleet snow blizzards etc. So the gear should cater to what’s expected and what you anticipate to encounter.

But hauling your entire luggage from overseas makes no sense, especially when can hire your gear. To hire is economical and sets your shoulders and mind free. There are many operators with climbing gears for hire. Check with them and book in advance to avail the gear of specific sizes.

Standard Gear for hire, list

Sleeping bag-Nights are chilly on Kili

Hat- Kili is on the equator and sun is always over your head

Balaclava/Scarf- For protection from the elements

Fleece Pants- Warm pants you can put on at camp, and on summit night.

Warm Jacket- For those cold nights and mornings

Long Underwear- Extra warmth

Raincoat/Poncho- Save you from getting wet

Rain Pants- Not a comforting thought to be trekking in wet pants

Gloves- Keeps the hands warm

Sweater/Pullover- Keeps you warm

Socks- Extra pairs always help

Hiking Boots- To support you on the trek

Sleeping Bag and Liner- Nights are cold. Extra liner means more insulation

Duffel Bag/Backpack- Will be essential carrying all your stuff

Rucksack/Daypack- Anything that doesn’t go into duffel bag goes into daypack you will carry

Hiking Poles – For the loose screes and steep climbs

Gaiters- Keeps the dust and grit out

Torch/Flashlight- When the visibility is poor and for dark nights

Sunglasses- Protects your eyes from the bright sun

Batteries- When the batteries on your torch or flashlight run out

Water Bottle- Need to stay hydrated on the trek

Binoculars- To get a better view of the panoramic vistas

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