Always the bridesmaid never the bride, the beaches of Dar es Salaam have for long played second fiddle to its illustrious offshore neighbour, Zanzibar. The tag of Tanzania’s largest city has managed to dwarf the beautiful harbour and endless white sands of the scenic beaches. It’s just not a random beach here and there, there is a selection of beaches offering different experiences and catering to varied sensibilities.

Otherwise known as Oyster Beach, the Coco beach is a fun with friendly beach vibes accentuated with a thriving food culture and a party atmosphere. You can have your pint of beer or any drink you fancy but if you desire a swim then better head early in the morning to the clean, white sand beach of Kigamboni for a swim in the beautiful waters bereft of nasty rocks or sea urchins.

The Bahari beach is a spot of secluded tranquillity away from the maddening crowd and hustle of Dar es Salaam. The quiet idyllic settings are a perfect way to relax and unwind with a book in one hand and funky cocktails in another, with only the aroma of fresh seafood breaking the leisure of the hour.

Set off on a boat ride to the island paradise of Bongyoyo Island for some sun, sand, swimming, snorkeling and gorgeous photography in the backdrop of a setting sun. Not done yet, there’s still the Mbezi Beach in Msasani Peninsula, the Amani Beach, Jangwani Beach and turquoise waters of Kipepeo Beach eager to wash away your weariness for a refreshing feel

The multicultural Dar es Salaam is a coastal megalopolis on the go, but with enough attractions that make you want to ignore the maddening crowds and hustle.

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