If you are here then we assume you have a fair bit of mountain backpacking experience and knowledge about the great Kilimanjaro. To be fair, ascending up the Kili is not a climb per se, but rather a hike or trek up the varying heights on altitude and consequences. It’s long, challenging, and unpredictable. Rest assured all your faculties and fitness will be put to test.

You will need to prepare on a physical and mental level. And get your packing right. Don’t know what to pack and what to leave out? Take a lot at our Kilimanjaro packing list for guidance and tips!

Kilimanjaro is a supported hike. You will have a porter to carry your load- max limit is 15kg. Rest of the load will be in your backpack and on your shoulders

15-25L Hiking Pack and Rain cover-To carry what you need for the day(clothes, food water etc) Rain cover will save your stuff it from getting wet

Water bottle-Hydration is important when negotiating high altitudes.

Sleeping bag liner-Nights are chilly so you need a liner that keeps you warm.

Hiking poles-The trails can be steep and laden with grit and scree. Helps to be sure-footed

Portable Charger-You will be up in the mountains for a week. Your smartphones and flashlights need to be charged

Headlamp-Extremely useful and necessary tool when navigating in low visibility


  • 1 Insulated Jacket
  • 1 Fleece Jacket
  • 1 Rain Jacket
  • 1 Short Sleeve Shirt, moisture-wicking fabric
  • 2 Long Sleeve Shirts, moisture-wicking fabric
  • 1 Hiking Shorts
  • 2 Hiking Pants
  • 1 Fleece Pants
  • 1 Rain Pants, side zip recommended
  • 3 Underwear, moisture-wicking fabric
  • 1 Long Underwear, moisture-wicking fabric
  • 2 Sports Bra (women)


  • 1 Wide Brimmed Hat or Cap
  • 1 Warm Hat or Beanie
  • 1 Balaclava or Buff
  • 1 Bandana


  • 1 Gloves, thin
  • 1 Gloves, warm, waterproof
  • Footwear
  • 1 Hiking Boots, waterproof
  • 1 Shoelaces, extra
  • 4 Hiking Socks

Personal Care Recommendations

  • 1 Sunglasses, full coverage
  • 1 Sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher
  • 1 Lip Balm, SPF 30 or higher
  • 1 Insect Repellent, containing DEET
  • 1 Body and face wipes
  • Toothbrush/Tooth Paste
  • 1 Toilet Paper, full roll
  • 1 Hand Sanitizer
  • Energy bars or energy drink supplements

First Aid kit-Medications- Diamox, Antibiotics for gastrointestinal infections, anti-malaria, painkillers and your regular medications water purification drops, band-aids, antibiotic creams

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