Lemosho Route Overview

The latest route on the block! Ever since Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheiler climbed Kilimanjaro for the first time, in 1889 there has been a slew of successful ascents. To accommodate the ever-increasing footfalls, new routes were developed. Lemosho route is the newest addition and arguably the most scenic with high approval and successful ratings.

Approaching from the west, the trail begins with a drive from Moshi(910m) to Londorossi Park Gate (2100m) where you kick off your rekking in a real sense by traversing the luscious rainforest teeming with life. Ascending on a gradually steepening trail you will see the tall rees giving way to shrubs as you enter into the giant heather moorlands. Trekking further you will enter into the scenic Shira Plateau and witness what is considered the most picturesque section of the mountain, the Shira cathedral, and its giant lava towers. From there, you will descend into Barranco valley accompanied by some of the ethereal vistas which are a photographer’s dream. From Barranco to Karanga is a steep hike up the wall of Barranco and then circle along the southern circuit to Karanga to reach the high camp Barafu Hut- from where the summit ascent will be launched.

The descent will be through Mweka route. It’s remote and relatively new, so the experience of trekking will not be diluted by burgeoning trekkers. The route is fairly demanding, ensure your fitness levels are up to scratch. The ascent is gradual; pick a longer duration trek to maximize your chances reaching the top.

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