Machame Route Overview

With credits like “most popular route”, “ most successful route” and “most scenic route”, Machame Route has been consistently adding to its list of votaries year after year. As one of the oldest official routes developed for climbing the imposing Mt. Kilimanjaro, the route has a long history of being the most trafficked route.

Did someone say the easiest route? That’s a lot of misinformation. The route is christened as “Whiskey Route” not because there are taverns on the trail but because it is hard as whiskey. Starting from the south, the trail is long with steep inclines and declines testing you all the way. But the trails to the summit are scenic. It will take you through the fertile lower slopes, leading unto the magnificent montane forests before you traverse the steep rocky ridge on to the stunning Shira Plateau (3600 meters)- which throws open a panorama of breathtaking views. And as you continue on the ascending path, you will make your way through the wicked alpine lands and encroaching glaciers to another milestone at Stella point (5752 m) where the most rewarding sunrise over Mawenzi peak awaits to goad you for one last effort to the summit at Uhuru peak.

The trek is arduous but allows for the application of climb high/sleep low principles – from Shira camp (3 847m) to the hike up to Lava Tower (4 642m). Summiting from Baranfu camp means less scree to negotiate. Without the requisite fitness, it’s an uphill challenge at all times.The descent will be through Mweka Route has the Machame route piqued your interest yet? Contact African Traits for more interesting information on the route.

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