Our Team

Our Experience

To ensure our customers have the very best experience possible, African Traits only employs guides who meet the qualifications for gold, silver, or bronze level experience and rating as recognized within the East African tourism industry. We offer tours in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Swahili, and local tribal languages.

Meet Our Team

Godfrey Willy

Managing Director

Since 2016 when African Traits opened its doors, Godfrey Willy has been showing travelers from every corner of the world the majesty of Africa. Under Godfrey’s leadership, African Traits has become a leader in the Tanzanian tourism industry by consistently exhibiting the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Godfrey is a devoted, kind, and caring Managing Director who leads his teams by example. His passion for excellence and his enthusiasm for introducing travelers to the many wonders of Tanzania area are contagious. And, it shows in the way the African Traits staff strive to give their clients the very best experience possible.

Godfrey completed his diploma in Tourism Management at the Tanzania Institute of Wildlife Research in 2015. He went on to receive a Banking and Finance degree from the Institute of Accountancy in Arusha.

Martha Mboya

Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager, Martha is an important part of the African Traits management team. She handles a variety of administrative tasks which keep the office running smoothly and efficiently. A graduate of the Institute of Accountancy in Arusha, Martha is trained to handle a variety of operational details which she does in a professional and friendly manner. She very capably handles the bookkeeping, correspondence, reservations, and transportation needs for all of our clients. Martha has been with African Traits since 2018.

Transportation Manager

Our Transportation Manager handles the logistics for the entire fleet of African Traits vehicles. Because the safety and comfort of our clients is our highest priority, African Traits uses only the highest quality vehicles. Our transportation Manager personally oversees the routine maintenance of our vehicles to ensure they are operating within the highest safety standards. Attention to the maintenance details of our vehicles is one of the many things which differentiates us from other local tour operators.

Our vehicles are ready to take you where you want to go: airport or hotel pickup or drop-off, safari, Kilimanjaro climb, sightseeing, cultural tour, shopping around town, or even just out for dinner or coffee.

Bernad Erasto (Ben)

Safari Guide

Ben, our most experienced safari guide, is passionate about introducing our clients to the many wonders of Tanzania. With a friendly and outgoing personality, he enjoys meeting new people from around the globe. Ben has extensive knowledge of wildlife and is often complimented on his astonishing ability to spot animals in unexpected and concealed locations. You will not miss any opportunity for wildlife viewing with Ben as your guide. In addition, Ben enjoys answering questions about our local culture, the customs and traditions of various tribes, as well as the arts and crafts of the region. Ben speaks English and Swahili.

Juma Mbaga

Safari Guide

Juma Mbaga is an experienced guide with over 10 years in the field. Before becoming a safari guide, he was a National Park ranger in the Serengeti. Mbaga is passionate about introducing our clients to the many wonders of Tanzania and he works very hard to ensure our clients see as much as possible while on safari. He enjoys teaching our clients about the local wildlife, vegetation, and culture. With Mbaga’s keen eye for spotting wildlife, you’re sure to have a successful safari with him as your guide. He speaks both English and Swahili.

Anderson Mbise

Mountain Guide

Anderson was born and raised at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. Ove the years, he has traveled extensively throughout all the countries surrounding Tanzania. He has a great knowledge of Mount Kilimanjaro after climbing it countless times. He is passionate about guiding and builds a great rapport with clients of all ages. He loves photography and will be the best mountain guide to capture your all-important summit photo! He is charming, hard-working, and encouraging. His ten years of experience makes him a very unique and special mountain guide who are proud to have as part of our team.

John Kiwori (Teacher)

Mountain Guide

John, who is known by his friends and colleagues as “teacher,” is our most knowledgeable and experienced mountain guide with over eighty successful summits on record. He is a calm, strong leader who has earned respect from the porters and guides alike. Starting as a porter, he has worked his way to the top and, therefore, he knows what is needed to ensure a strong, healthy team of customers and porters. John is extremely caring and supportive. He has received his First Aid Certificate from the Tanzania Red Cross recognizing his understanding that safety is our highest priority. John attends regular training and update sessions to be the very best mountain guide he can be and we believe he is the best.

Habibu Hussaih


Habibu is one of the most experienced chefs you’ll find in the safari industry. He takes pride in preparing authentic Tanzanian cuisine and western style food using only the highest quality ingredients. He works very hard to provide a nice variety of meals according to each client’s preferences. Our clients consistently report that Habibu’s “chakula” (Swahili word for food) is the most delicious they have had the pleasure of tasting. Habibu is also available for cooking lessons and private meal preparation.