Pangani is a small town on East Africa’s coast located 50 km south of Tanga. The town has a long history of cultural influences including Arabic, German, Asian, and British colonial rulers. This is a diverse place where Swahili, Arabic, and British colonial traditions blend together with modern hospitality.

This town is located at the mouth of the Pangani River, which collects its water from Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru, flowing to the Indian Ocean. Here you will enjoy a coastline with clean beaches where endangered Green Turtles breed. The area also has historical sites, coral reefs, the Old Port, and a great diversity of tropical marine dwellers.

At the point where the massive Pangani River empties itself into the Indian Ocean, a village has grown. The Pangani River passes through the village separating the old buildings and the present-day market on the northern side from the farms and small houses on the southern side. The river, with its dark brown waters filled heavily with alluvial silt, meanders slowly to the ocean. Crossing the river requires a ferry. On either side of this little village, coconut palms and sisal plantations undulate towards the horizon.

Once a center of Swahili trade with the African mainland; the town of Pangani is now a sleepy backwater with little memories of its days of splendor. The old German administrative boma still stands behind a colonnade of tall shade trees. The former prison painted a fading ochre red looks over the river’s lazy waters. Old houses along the main road offer lived-in examples of colonial and traditional Swahili architecture. The buildings are slowly crumbling against the monsoon winds. Visitors passing through the area would do well to explore what remains of the old town on foot. Even a short walk will reward visitors with a glimpse of a quiet life in the old trading towns along the Swahili Coast.

Accessibility to Pangani

Pangani is easily accessible by road. The Africa Traits staff can drive you to Pangani from either Dar es Salaam or Arusha via Tanga. It is about a six-hour drive from Arusha or seven hours from Dar es Salaam. Pangani is 53km South of Tanga town.

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