Rongai Route Overview

Staking a claim with the USP “guaranteed wilder experience“is the Rongai Route.Approaching the mountain from the north the trails exposes you to newer and richer perspective of the mountain. Remote and less trafficked the route has managed to build a reputation as an “easy climb” but don’t be sold on such claims and underestimate the challenges of the route.

The topography of the terrain is flatter and doesn’t yield to the application of climb high/sleep low principles, making acclimatization an issue and altitude sickness a reality. The trek begins from the Nale Moru village on the lower farming slopes before leading up to a pine forest with a good chance of spotting some wildlife like colobus monkeys and maybe even elephants. After trekking the heather moorlands you will arrive at Mawenzi camp. Ascending on through the alpine deserts you will reach the Kibo Hut. Both Mawenzi and Kibo are renowned for the scintillating vistas they offer. Continuing on; the slow Kili shuffle will get you through loose scree towards Gilman’s point on the crater rim all the way to the top of Uhuru peak.

The gradual ascent and negligible chances of shower make Rongai route ideal for experienced and amateur trekkers alike and the lack of scenery is balanced by the descent via Marangu side on the south.

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