Lemosho Route Overview

Approaching the mountain from the west is the Shira route. It is one of the only two routes that reach Kibo from the west, the other being the Lemosho route; which is an HD version of the Shira route. On the Shira route, you drive up to the Shira ridge to kick off your trek in the right earnest. But there’s one problem! You will be starting your trek at an elevation of 3600 meters which immediately puts you at the risk of altitude sickness.

If you are a novice or someone without high altitude trekking experience, Shira route is not a good idea. Worth a try if you have the physical requisites and experience to back you up because it’s a tough trek made worse by inclement weather.

The trek will take you through diverse landscapes ranging from heather moorlands and the volcanic rock formations on the Shira plateau, and the heartland of irresistible beauty, the Shira Cathedral. Ascending further, you will venture into the alpine deserts with a 300-meter trek up the lava tower followed by a descent into the Barranco valley; home to the Senecio forest with giant lobelias and other bizarre plant life. Next up is a scramble on all fours up to the steep Barranco wall with the rewarding sights of Kibo at the top. The trek continues to Karanga valley and Barafu camp- the place of summit assault.

Shira is tough; less trafficked and allows for climb high/sleep low principles at higher altitudes. Adventure seekers with experience, Go for it!

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