What should I pack for my African Safari

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March 18, 2018
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What to Pack
Here’s the deal about what you should pack for your African Safari. You’ll only need about half of what you think you’ll need. So, pack your bags, dump everything out, and repack only half of your stuff.

The key colors you should be wearing on your African Safari are natural colors and light colors. Try your best to blend in with nature. Think tree. If what you are wearing helps you blend in with the trees, you are headed in the right direction for tracking down all of the iconic African animals you’ve been waiting to see.

When I’m on Safari, you’ll normally find me in light green pants and a light brown or white shirt. I go with tank tops most of the time because I love to have the warm African sun browning my arms. But, don’t forget sunscreen ‘cause the days get hot, hot, hot and it’s likely you will get a sunburn.

In most safari cars, you’ll have the chance to stand up to look out of the open-top roof. Sometimes you’ll want to sit down and look out the large windows! Whether standing or sitting, just make sure you are comfy in whatever clothes you pack for your Safari.

Packing List

1. Lightweight and breathable shirts
2. Lightweight and comfy pants/shorts
3. Good walking shoes
4. A jacket or fleece (it can get cold at night)
5. Swimsuit, if your hotel has a pool
6. Camera (Make sure you know how to use your camera before traveling. I wouldn’t want you missing a lion chasing because you aren’t sure how to turn your new camera on.)
7. Binoculars
8. Sunscreen
9. Lip balm
10. Insect repellent
11. Sunglasses
12. Wide brimmed hat (I’m a baseball hat kinda girl though so I just put on extra sunscreen to cover the back of my neck.)
13. Normal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo)
14. Headphones
15. Baby wipes (you’ll be real dusty by the end of the day)
16. Electrical adapters
Last but not least, be sure you bring along your willing spirit to learn about another culture! The world is a big place and there is so much to learn while traveling. Take time to enjoy the process of preparing for your Safari and don’t stress yourself out by over packing.

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