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The African Traits team has many years of experience in the tourism industry in Tanzania, East Africa.  We seek to understand the needs and desires of each of our customers, so we can create an adventure of a lifetime for each person.

We are committed to making your safari all you want it to be.  Our customized packages are tailored to fulfill your dreams.  We offer a wide range of safari options including luxury safaris, lodge safaris, camping safaris and walking safaris.  Our customizable packages give you the ability to choose your own unique itinerary and accommodations.  Our packages give you the best opportunity to experience the safari highlights while staying within your budget.

We take pride in showing our customers each destination’s top attractions.  With each safari package, you’ll be cruising through the bush in one of our well maintained and comfortable safari vehicles with an experienced and friendly guide who is skilled at pointing out every highlight.  You’ll have an unlimited game drive without restrictions on fuel or duration of the drive.

Our completely customizable packages allow you the flexibility to create a safari which fits your budget.  Each of the safari packages listed below can be further customized by the following options:

  • Accommodations – You can choose one of the accommodation packages listed below or try different accommodations throughout your safari.
  • Private safari – You choose your specific dates, itinerary, and who will accompany you.
  • Group safari – This option is best suited for customers who would like to meet new people and enjoy the safari experience with like-minded travelers on one of our prearranged safari packages.

Whatever you wish to experience on your safari and however you wish to experience it, African Traits will help you plan an unforgettable adventure of a life time with the best safari outfitters in Tanzania.  Please contact us today so we can begin planning your customized safari.


This safari package offers our most luxurious services and accommodations.  From the moment you arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport until the day you depart, the African Traits staff will treat you to their most exclusive safari services.  With our top-notch professionalism and attention to every detail, you’ll be treated to a truly unforgettable adventure.  This safari package is well suited for honeymooners and those seeking to experience the most luxurious amenities we have to offer.  You’ll be treated to the same professionalism, experienced guides, and unlimited game drives which are included in each of our safari packages.


This semi-luxury safari is designed to suit the needs of travelers who would like to book their overnight accommodations in a hotel or luxury tent camping lodge. This safari gives you the opportunity to stay in some of the nicer hotels which African Traits will recommend and arrange for you.  Or, you can stay in a semi-permanent tented camp lodge which gives you the extraordinary experience of luxury camping in the bush.  You’ll be treated to the same professionalism, experienced guides, and unlimited game drives which are included in each of our safari packages.


With this budget friendly safari, you will have the unique experience of camping in the African wilderness.  The African Traits team will set up your tent at the selected National Park campsite.  You’ll be treated to a bonfire while enjoying the camping food prepared by our very own chef.  Our guides will entertain you as they retell stories of their most exciting adventures as safari guides.  African Traits has designed the camping safari for young travelers and budget travelers who enjoy camping in the great outdoors.  You’ll be treated to the same professionalism, experienced guides, and unlimited game drives which are included in each of our safari packages.


African Traits understands that not everyone wants to sit in the car all day.  Sometimes you want to get out and experience the wonder and beauty of nature by walking. Our skilled and knowledgeable guides will lead you around the bush explaining the different species of plants and animals you encounter.  They will help you discover first-hand the amazing diversity which Tanzania offers.  The walking safari can be added to any of the above safari packages.  A few hours spent walking with our experienced guides will blow your mind.

Other Safari Activities (Extension Safaris)

  1. Balloon Safaris
  2. Bird Watching Safaris
  3. Canoeing
  4. Water Games/Diving and Snorkeling
  5. Fishing
  6. Historical Sites
  7. Horse and Camel Riding
  8. Mountain Biking
  9. Museums
  10. Shopping and Nightlife
  11. Walking Safaris
  12. Night Game Drives